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[零极限] Ho'oponopono和孩子 [复制链接]

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Ho'oponopono and Children

Havingchildren in my trainings is the best treat for me. I get so much sincere confirmationfrom them because, as you know, kids don't lie.

Dr.Ihaleakala always said it is easier to teach a chair to do Ho'oponopono than toteach people, because we think (intellect). We are always thinking, comparing,and making stories. We are never present!

Well, as itturns out, it is also easier to teach the kids. They don't complicate matterswith unnecessary rationalizationnor do they feel the need to "understand it" all, like us!

Did you know that, duringthe Ho'oponopono trainings, it is better if you fall asleep?  This way, wedon't take the process personally! You see, the intellect often gets tired fromso much "thinking." However, the subconscious mind (your inner child)never sleeps, and this is precisely the part we want to share this informationwith.

I had so many wonderfulexperiences teaching children Ho'oponopono.

Not long ago, a mothercame to me after a conference and told me her son wanted to tell me something.The boy was 8 years old, and he said: "I told my mother, 'Thank you forbringing me.' I am going to practice this, so I will have less problems when Igrow up." Then the mother consulted me about a problem she had. She wantedmy advice. So I looked at her boy and asked him, "What would you tell yourmother?" And the boy said, "I would tell her not to worry so much,not to take it so seriously."  I then said to the mother, "Thenext time you have a problem, ask your son!"

All the kids have suchgreat stories to tell when they come back as reviewers. I have kids in Romania thatcame back alone, because their parents couldn't make it that day. Thesechildren insisted on coming, even if their parents couldn't! So the parents hadto bring them in the morning and pick them up at the end of the seminar.

In Argentina, a girl came up to meduring a break and asked me, "Mabel, how do you know so much about Ho'oponopono? My response was: "I don't know."

It is so much easier towork with kids. When I tell kids, "Just say 'thank you' and let go,"kids go on their way jumping and skipping, repeating "thank you."When I tell adults to say "Thank you," the adults ask, "How do Isay thank you?" "Do I have to mean it? Do I need to feel it?" Weare always trying to understand, but there is nothing to understand, and thekids know it.

Last year, when I went toCaracas, Venezuela, a 5 year old boy came tome during one of the breaks and told me, "You know Mabel, I have a friendwho is always crying because he always wants what I have. In life, you have tosay thank you for what you have. You cannot be looking at what othershave!"

What a lesson! Do youstill think your kids are here for you to teach them? To tell them what isright and perfect for them? In fact, they are your gurus and have come to teachyou.  They are here to give you one more chance. If you don't know what isright for you, how can you know what is right for them?

This year in Caracas, Venezuelaa mother said her son changed his mind and didn't want to come to the trainingthe first day, so they brought him to me. When I told him that he didn't haveto be with us, that he could just sit on the floor in the back of the room andplay with his toys, he agreed and said it was okay to stay. Well, he ended upchoosing to sit in the front row and didn't move from his chair the wholetraining (both days!). The first day was Ho'oponopono and the second day a ZeroFrequency® training. The second day, we worked on finding our talents andpassions. He participated in all the interactive exercises, always with adultsas partners. At the end, when I asked who wanted to share, he jumped up fromhis chair several times to share with us how he was going to use the tools ofthe seminar to help others and change the world. It was astounding. You canenjoy himherein this video

In Guadalajara, Mexico,two kids came to me during the break. One of them had made pictures ofeverything I had told them.Watch the video here. The other one asked me what to tell a friend of hiswho was very sad and lonely. I told him to tell his friend that he is neveralone, that God is always with him, and I asked him if he thought his friendwould understand and if he thought it would help him. He responded: “Yes, Iwill tell my friend. He will understand it perfectly.”

I invited them to staywith me on the stage and they did. At one point, a lady raised her hand andasked how she could help herself because her husband had been killed in frontof her eyes and she couldn’t get that image out of her mind. This boy, withouteven thinking twice and before I could open my mouth, answered: “That is yourfault, because you bring it to your mind and then you don’t want to let it go!”I had nothing to add.

Remember: Talk to yourchildren while they sleep! Don't tell them that the next day they will maketheir beds, put away their clothes, help with the house chores and get goodgrades. ONLY tell them, "I love you. Thank you for being in my life."Even if your child is no longer with you, talk to him or her when you know heor she is sleeping! You will get much better results. And if you "have to"tell them something while they are awake, only say, "I love you. Thank youfor being in my life." That is all they need to hear.

Then, just relax.Somebody who knows them better is taking very good care of them.  Youdon't really know what your children have come to live and/or experience inthis lifetime. Let your children be your teachers. Appreciate their existenceand what they've come to give you, and everyone will reap immeasurablebenefits.

Parenting could be mucheasier than you think and definitely more rewarding and effective if youremember just a couple of truths. Every time you say "thank you" or"I love you" (mentally if you don't feel it) instead of reacting,trying to control, and worrying, you give your children to God to guide themand protect them. Remember, God created your children and knows what is perfectfor them. You don't. Please do not medicate your child so that his or herteachers and you can relax. Much of our kids' frustration stems from the factthat we are so asleep. Do not tell them what to do. Pay attention, listen tothem. Let them be their real selves. Encourage your children to accept themselvesby reading them The Easiest Way to Grow at bedtime. Happy kids are never a problem to anybody.

When we are okay, ourkids are okay. It is not the other way around. They are waiting for us to getit!

Posted by MabelKatz on May 2, 2011


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Thank you for sharing!

Thank you and I love you .
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