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[勋章威望] 感恩生命的事件清单 你应该做到的九件事(转) [复制链接]

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双语| 感恩生命的事件清单 你应该做到的九件事>>>

No matter how happy and wealthy you are, you'll never feel it, if you can't be grateful for what you have. Gratitude is the thing everyone should have and it should be rather like a habit than an obligation. But when is it really time to say thank you to the world?

The answer is simple – every day of your life! Each and every single day brings you lots of positivity but only a few can realize it. However, it's not always easy to find a way to express your gratitude. Take a look at the list of grateful things to do between sunrise and sunset that'll make you a thankful and, as a result, better person…

1. Feed stray animals
You have enough food for comfortable living and maybe even a bit more than you need. Why wouldn't you feed those who don't have it? Every time you see a cute cat or dog with those sweet eyes full of hope looking at you, try to find a minute to feed them. This way you show that you're grateful for the possibility to satisfy your hunger whenever you feel it. Also, don’t forget about birds and other animals you can feed.

2. Charity begins at home
Charity is one of the easiest yet most useful grateful things you can do between sunrise and sunset. While you have everything to enjoy life, there are people who strive at least to wake up tomorrow. They need your help and you can give it so why not do that? Not only can you save someone’s life, you improve yours as well. You have a lovely family and lots of perspectives for better future – share a small part of your budget with people who don't feel as great as you in life and it'll make you a bit more grateful person.

3. Forget about yourself for a while
Sometimes you need to forget about your own happiness and comfort to become happier. When you ask someone for help, that person stops caring about their plans. They forget about their tasks and goals and do everything possible to help you cope with problems. Next time your mother asks you to come and do some household chores, make sure you do it.

4. Give old people a smile
Present every old person with a smile wherever you see them. These people are those who provided us with everything we have now. They worked hard and the results of their work still help the world spin around. Not all of them, of course, but either way, going through such a long life way is worth at least your smile. Let them feel that they are needed in this world and their spirit is still able to cause someone's happy face impression.

5. Enjoy your life
Your life brings something wonderful to you every day. It may be anything from good weather, friendly people, to extra money. Don't be a kind of non-stop frowning individual who sees nothing pleasant around. Otherwise, your life will get tired and will stop doing anything great for you. The better you feel today, the better you'll feel tomorrow so try to stay happy from sunrise to sunset.

6. Take care of yourself
You're a beautiful and healthy girl. It means you should be grateful to your body. Try to take care of your beauty and health. Work out and stick to a healthy diet to live longer and happier. Be sure that those two hours of exercising will pay off in future. Don't ignore the advantages your body provides you with.

7. Enjoy the beauty of the sky
The sky is also trying to make you feel better. Sure, you've already enjoyed its beauty but you most likely don't do it every day, do you? The other grateful thing you can do between sunrise and sunset is actually enjoy the charming spirit of sunrise and sunset. All those clouds of different shapes, shining stars, sun and moon can help you stop the routine for a while and realize what a wonderful place you live in. Be grateful to the beauty of the sky.

8. Use your chance
Every day gives you chances to grow. It may be an interesting stranger that tells you something valuable, a handsome guy who smiles at you, an offer to take more responsibilities at work, etc. Try to be grateful to every day by taking those chances and using them. It's always better to try than to regret about a lost chance. Be more initiative and don't be afraid to make mistakes.

9. Don’t waste your time
Life is short and every moment is precious because you never know where the end is. It means that if you just waste it doing nothing like watching TV all days long, chatting with friends or complaining, you disrespect the time you have. Try to be more grateful and use every singly second to do what you want and become a better person. Help others, educate yourself, keep in touch with people who teach you something new and share your love with everyone around.

Since you become grateful, your life changes in a far more positive way. You start feeling that there's nothing to worry about until you live in such a spectacular world surrounded by so many awesome people. Try to say ‘thank you’ more often, keep in touch with family every day, smile more, and don't forget to enjoy your life.
This way you'll be a more positive, optimistic and happy person. How do you try to be grateful?

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