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2016.03.17官网成事 从一无所有到超级英雄的全过程 [复制链接]

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       我在官网看完这篇故事的第一反应就是好希望把它分享给大家 真的是篇非常棒的分享 但是有点儿打怵 因为它好长哦 还有点儿难翻~~ 需要不少的时间 不过凑巧 我对一位一起灵修的好朋友说了这个分享 于是给她先翻译了一次 发现还是可以搞定的^^所以感觉就是 不要说自己不可以 想做就去做 我们可以的:)

        From Zero To Hero And Everything In Between.

Where do I begin? I suppose the best way to start is at the beginning, right? Right. Well I should say at the beginning of my Hero’s journey.

Time warp to 6 years ago. I have just been discharged from an inpatient treatment center for addiction. My life was out of control after 10 years of daily use and I was near death. Unemployable, ungrateful, angry, unsociable, scared and unsure about my future as I walked out of that center. I couldn’t live with drugs, but I also couldn’t live without them.

I was lost and searching vigorously for a new way of life. I was scared and I was lonely. Once I read The Secret, I was knew I had found something.

I began the process of ask, believe and receive. I thought only of having money in my bank account. You have to understand to even have a bank account was an accomplishment to me. Let alone have money in it. I was riding the bus to a job that only pays commissions. I was borrowing money from my family in order to survive. I wrote a check for $10,000.00 and knew I had the money. I made a vision board. On that vision board I placed pictures of a BMW, a nice watch, a happy relationship and many pictures of happy, sober people.

I don’t remember the exact time it all started happening, but out of nowhere clients at my commission job started showing up. I had never seen a check above $500.00 in my life. Now all the sudden I’m cashing $3,500.00 checks almost weekly. Suddenly I was able to cash The Secret Check I had written. At this time, I also had met a woman who had every quality I wanted. I was living a dream life and it all happened just as Rhonda describes in her book.

I had moved into a bigger and better home by now. So when I moved, I rolled up my old vision board and tossed it in a drawer. I stumbled across my old vision board one day, and as I saw it tears filled my eyes. I was overwhelmed with a gratitude that nearly caused me to pass out.

I saw a BMW. I was now driving a BMW 550i.

There was a watch I put on the vision board. I looked at my wrist and saw the same watch.

I saw the check for $10k. I could’ve easily cashed it.

Then I realized something. I hadn’t dreamed big enough! And the story goes on.

I created a new vision board. This one had much bigger desires. I decided I was going to be an entrepreneur. I needed more money. I put The Secret Check on my vision board for $100,000.00. I put a Mercedes Benz on it. I also went and ordered business cards that said “entrepreneur.” Again I asked, believed and knew I would receive.

Sometimes things are taken away from us, in order for the bigger things to arrive.

It was almost all at once. The company that had paid me so well shut down and my money had disappeared. I even had to sell the watch one month to pay my bills. It was also at this time my girlfriend and I found out she was pregnant. What will we do?

Then the universe begins to respond.

My old boss contacts me. He tells me he’s starting a new project and wants me to be a partial owner of it.
我之前的老板联系我。他要开始一个新项目希望我做他的合伙人(部分拥有一个项目 不晓得是不是合伙人的意思哈)

It was tough going at first. And the universe always has an answer. It was at this time “The Magic” had hit the shelves. To this day I still write a gratitude list and I have a Magic Rock next to my night stand. I used what I had learned and focused my thoughts on love and gratitude.

What happened?

I received it all!

My beautiful daughter Nora was born and I learned what the true meaning of love was. At this time the company I was a partial owner of was taking off. I had about $30,000.00 in the bank and more coming constantly. Next thing I knew I could cash my $100,000.00 check. It was magic!

I learned another vital lesson. Money is a tool. To be used to gain our true desires. If our only desire is money, what’s the point? The universe responded with money as I requested, but I wasn’t happy.

I’ve always wanted to be an artist. Inside of my soul there has always been a deep yearning to create. At many times I would begin an artistic journey only to be overwhelmed and quit. I started right away taking acting classes.

Remember my business cards from years earlier in my story? “Entrepreneur” they said. The opportunity was to invest $100,000.00 in a new business. I was scared. The return was the kind of money that I could support my family on for life without ever having to work again. So I made the investment.

I once again remained intensely grateful. I lived life with love. I once again asked, believed and knew I would receive. Another lesson I learned was this. No great journey can be accomplished alone.

At this time I had met a wonderful new friend at my new acting class his name is Nick Richman, and he had the same vision as me. Remember, when on this journey only the best people can show up. Only the people aligned with our desires.
这时在新的表演课上我结识了一位很棒的新朋友,他叫Nick Richman,他有和我同样的想法和热情。记得,当你向着目标前进时,只有与我们愿望一致的,最适合最好的人才会出现。

We decided to start making short films. I would produce and star in them. He is a script writing genius. He is able to write things that boggle the mind. He is also an exceptional actor. Our first short film was accepted through SAG-AFTRA. Any performer will tell you, to receive a SAG eligibility is a big accomplishment. We did it the first time we stepped in front of the camera!

We were told we were crazy! “You are going to lose all of your money” I was told by naysayers. We didn’t listen. We knew we had to take this journey.

The universe works in a way that we cannot question. Another vital lesson I learned at this time. Find the present moment, and watch how quickly desires manifest. Increase the faith!

I get a call about the new business. Another investor is interested in buying part of my shares. How much? Double what I put in. Also checks start rolling in from the investment. Today I receive about $3,000.00 per week on just this one investment. I spend my time doing what makes my heart sing. I don’t have to work on anything that doesn’t have to do with what I truly love.

We started a YouTube channel. It has 20,000 subscribers in the first month. We have told the universe we want the largest skit series ever created on YouTube. I’m being shown by the universe how to make it happen. It’s to ask for help from our Law Of Attraction community. Please go to our channel and subscribe. It’s called Hollywood Rejects. Our URL is youtube.com/therealranceypants. Enjoy a good laugh, and watch the universe in action. Watch as our subscriber numbers skyrocket.

At the end of the day, I am now a full blown entrepreneur. I have several businesses. I’ve made an investment in real estate. I have an investment in a production company that has huge things in it’s future. I have the film production company that owns the short films and the YouTube channel. My daughter is almost 2 and gorgeous. I’m madly in love with her mother. I drive a Mercedes just like on the vision board. I live in an apartment overlooking the ocean.

我觉得男主的是个梦想家也是个行动派 六年期间生活有了翻天覆地的变化 让宇宙去接手 咱们就做咱们想做的 喜欢做的 哪怕不满意现状 也欣然接受 试着去改变 我想这是好的状态 呼~~~我自己加油 大家加油:)


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我觉得这个人对于金钱和生活的信念特别好 比如他说金钱只是工具 和穷爸爸富爸爸的理念挺像 一起加油 转向正面心念!
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我觉得这个人对于金钱和生活的信念特别好 比如他说金钱只是工具 和穷爸爸富爸爸的理念挺像 一起加油 转向正面心念!
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我觉得这个人对于金钱和生活的信念特别好 比如他说金钱只是工具 和穷爸爸富爸爸的理念挺像 一起加油 转向正面心念!
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让宇宙去接手 咱们就做咱们想做的 喜欢做的 哪怕不满意现状 也欣然接受 试着去改变 我想这是好的状态 呼~~~我自己加油 大家加油:)

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lorraineann 发表于 2016-3-24 09:46
露珠好棒。之前我也想翻译长的,后来觉得麻烦就放弃了。。还是要克服惰性呢 ...

嗯呢 不寻思自己做不到 自然就做到了我发现 加油~~~


哈哈。我觉得叫露珠比楼主好听。~嘿嘿~~是的。只要想并付出行动就能做到~~谢谢啦!  发表于 2016-3-24 09:56
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