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官网事成翻译:财务,经济相关 [复制链接]

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本帖最后由 lovingbai 于 2017-4-7 09:50 编辑

Highly Paid Job And Getting Best Performer Awards.

First of all I am truly grateful to Rhonda and The Secret Team for bringing the law of attraction message to the world. I was introduced to The Secret in December 2012. First I watched The Secret video and subsequently read the book. When I was reading the The Secret I realized that what ever is happening at present is because I thought of it earlier.
When I was in my job in 2010 with a salary of Rs 10,000 per month I saw that my seniors were leaving the company after serving for 2 years with a salary of Rs 50,000 per month. So I made up my mind that I would also get a job having a salary of Rs 50,000 per month after 2 years . I just thought of it and often kept thinking of the same figure in mind.

I also saw that my company is awarding a Best Performer award every quarter for the best employee. Again, here also I thought that I would get The Best Performer award next time. Then within two years my company awarded me The Best Performer award at that next all hands meeting. I also got a job offer with a salary of Rs 70o,000 per year, about Rs 58,000 per month.
我知道我的公司每季度有最佳员工奖。当时我又想下一次我要拿到这个奖。这之后两年时间不到,在随后的全体员工大会上公司给了我最佳员工奖。我还得到了一个年薪7万Rs的offer ,大概5800每月。

Those things happened before I was introduced to The Secret and I realized I was applying the law of attraction without being aware of it. Then I was blessed with The Secret tool by Rhonda and The Secret team in December 2012. Then I became sure that I would get everything I wanted!

I started my highly paid new job in January 2013. The work was completely new to me and some of the best brains are working with me but I always thought that I would become The Best Performer. How that would happen, I did not know but I was sure that the Universe would give it to me!

Amazingly, after 5 months of working at my new job, 3 times I had been awarded The Best Performer for the Project, and an Appreciation award.
Meanwhile after reading The Secret I also completed the other books of Rhonda Byrne, Hero, The Magic and The Power. These tools improved my life in all dimensions including career, money, health, relationships etc.
Thank you, thank you, thank you Rhonda Byrne for bringing such great tools to the world.
谢谢 谢谢 谢谢,谢谢Rhonda带来这么伟大的工具


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 楼主| 发表于 2017-3-28 16:53:55 | 显示全部楼层
Attracting The Ideal Working Arrangement.

I had been out of work for more than a year, after having worked myself out of a job through being negative and always thinking the worst would happen to me. I had a bad case of pull myself down, always expecting the worst thereby attracting the worst. I had a great job but when my new boss came we didn’t get on well from the beginning. I felt she wanted me out of my job and one bad thing after the next happened and I lost my job.

I started reading The Secret and began to re channel my positive energy and within 2 months I attracted a great job in a new city. But, I was not at all happy about moving and felt unsure. I again, through my lack of gratitude, attracted negativity and lost that job, too. I have been unemployed for over a year, 13 months to be exact.

I have been in and out of negative mode until mid June I started using The Magic to attract good things into my life. I am unemployed but managed to attract money to pay my mortgage and provide food for my kids. I know I did that through The Magic because each time I started feeling any fear about losing my house or car, I would immediately replace it with being positive and grateful. My car broke down 3 months ago and instead of being sad I was grateful as I could now use the time to appreciate my healthy legs and the availability of public transport in my area. I know when it comes back, which is this week, I will appreciate it more. When the bank wanted to repossess the car and found it in bad shape at the mechanic, they came back to renegotiate with me so that I could continue paying for it. I was so happy and realized that I saved my car from being repossessed by being grateful instead of gloomy that I did not have a car.

I have since attracted a great contract where I will employ at least 5 people. I have attracted a flexi job in a great boys school that my boys will attend until they finish school. All because I asked the Universe/God for all this and just continuously practiced gratitude. I am grateful to Rhonda and her team for sharing such insights with the world. Now I have put out to the Universe my desire for my ideal partner. And I know, like I know, like I know, he is on his way and that I will be spending Christmas with him and our families this year.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
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 楼主| 发表于 2017-3-30 10:09:56 | 显示全部楼层
Believe In The Magic.

I had read The Secret a couple of years ago and I was in a situation where I needed my financial situation to improve. Having read the book with meaning and believing money would be drawn to me, I wrote a check out to myself. And not just any check, this was The Secret Check for £7,000. I truly believed this amount was on it’s way to me.

It was around 2 months or so later, that a check was given to my partner and I from an old friend of his for that exact amount! It was almost surreal and amazing thing!

More recently The Secret worked for me again. I had been without a car from the beginning of 2015 and I traveled on the bus and train to work. During the commute, I wrote down every single day everything I was grateful for in my life and the blessings that came to me. Simple things like my daily shower, the lovely flat we had and how kind the landlords are to let us look after it for them and pay cheap rent. I was so happy for my Mercedes Benz, which I love driving so much.
最近秘密又奏效了。从2015年初起 我都没有车,要搭公交再走到公司。在通勤的路上我每天都写下生命中让我感激的事和好事儿。很简单的事,比如每天的淋浴,我们可爱的公寓,友善的房东能让我们照料它,只用很便宜的房租。我感到非常幸福有我很爱开的奔驰车。

It was in January 2016 that a windfall came my way. I knew it was coming and I was able to get my Mercedes! It was a dream as I sat in it! Although it seemed like a long time, I was was appreciative of the times I did not have a car as I realized it would be a big blessing when it did get my dream car. You have to believe and literally live your dream. I believed I would drive a Mercedes and I am! Now I am looking forward to the big check on it’s way to me. This will be a deposit on a house. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Ask and believe and The Magic will happen.
From London England
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 楼主| 发表于 2017-3-30 16:53:05 | 显示全部楼层

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Six months ago my life was, literally, down in the dumps. Diagnosed with work stress overload and having a very tense, bordering on psychologically abusive relationship with my boss, I terminated my job contract. It was literally my job or my life after having lost more than 15 kilos in the course of two months and being prescribed drugs to force me to sleep through the night. I was really starting to doubt myself in any decision I took.

It was then when I discovered The Secret and started to apply it. Magically, the big black cloud that I was surrounded with started to dissolve and I started talking with people I had not been in touch with for a couple of years. Day by day I was feeling stronger and healthier, not just mentally but emotionally as well.

I started visualizing a good job, near my house by the sea, where the members of the staff are professional, nice and kind to me. Where I was healthy, happy and in control. Of course I was thankful for all the past jobs and experiences I had, and all the amazing people I had met on the way. I was truly thankful for my incredible partner who, through thick and thin, was always there for me.

Would you believe what happened? I am still in awe.
你知道发生什么了吗 我现在仍然很敬畏。

By the end of November my job contract was officially terminated. On the last day of November I had a job interview in a new company, where believe it or not, I got to meet lots of colleagues from my past. I truly felt I had returned home. By the end of the job interview I was told I had a job, if I wanted to. My new working place would be just under half an hour away from home!

That was a Friday. On Monday, I started working in a very cute, small place where I already knew the supervisor from a past job, too! I had a wonderful experience there and it was lovely to be back again in the “business”, and to feel worthy again. Let alone the immense relief I felt knowing I was going to be able to pay bills again.

Monday to Thursday I worked in the new place, learning the ropes and enjoying every minute of it. Every day, whilst going to work by bus, I would mentally say thank you to the Universe for having provided so much for me.

Friday was a bank holiday. My amazing partner and I were setting up the Christmas tree together when I received a phone call. It was the owner of the school, letting me know there was a spot available for me in the same place where the interview was held. The only thing was that the spot was for a supervisor’s position. Was I interested or not?

My! I couldn’t believe my ears though I knew somehow that the Universe was looking after me. I immediately said yes! And there I was, the next Monday, starting again but this time as a supervisor, with a group of 4 people to work with.

The rest, as you can infer from my story, is just incredible. My job now is just 10 minutes away from home and I work with an incredible, amazing and professional staff by the sea. I am healthy, happy and in control. My group is receiving positive feedback and the team spirits are high and positive.
我现在的工作离家只有10分钟距离,在海边,与非常棒 非常专业的员工一起工作。我健康,快乐,。。in control?我的团队收到积极地反馈,团队精神很高很积极。

Remember that depressed and doubtful individual? Right now there is an energetic, happy-to-be-alive person who is enjoying every minute of life.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
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 楼主| 发表于 2017-4-6 15:27:38 | 显示全部楼层
The Secret Check Really Works!

I had been trying for months to collect money from a former employer and had just about given up hope of ever seeing it. I decided to print a blank check from The Secret website and give it a try.

I made the check out to myself in the amount of $5,000.00 and signed the employers name on the bottom. I kept it in a place where I would see it several times a day. Each time I saw it I imagined having the real check in my hands. I visualized going to the mailbox and finding it and eventually started to expect it to be there. When it wasn’t, I would just say, “Oh, it will be here soon”.
Sure enough, after a few weeks, there it was! There was no explanation as to why he had finally decided to pay me, just the check. I had waited years for the money and had fought with him actively for months to get it. I had not contacted him for awhile so he must have assumed I had given up.

I thanked the Universe for ‘compelling’ him to pay me. He probably never knew what hit him!!!

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 楼主| 发表于 2017-4-6 15:34:26 | 显示全部楼层
Made A Believer Out of Me!

A year ago I felt like I had hit rock bottom. My relationship was failing, my business wasn’t too far behind, and I seriously contemplated suicide. For years I had been a single mother struggling to survive. I had gone to college and law school but couldn’t find work to save my life. I opened my own law firm right out of law school and it was bringing in some money but not enough to justify the expense of law school. My fiancé had gotten hurt at work and I was responsible for us and our blended family of six children. For 13 months I was the sole provider for a family of 8. One day as I was leaving for work, I looked at our five year old daughter’s face and tried to remember every detail because I knew I wouldn’t see her again. I was going to kill myself and I just wanted to hold her face in my mind as long as possible.

As I drove to my office that morning, I cried so hard. I was so tired and depressed and I knew I was giving up. That morning my mother called and said my brother would be in town in a few days. My brother, who lives in Amsterdam, rarely comes back to the U.S. to visit. I desperately needed to see him before I ended my life. He had no idea what I was planning or the struggles I had been going through. In fact, he was certainly the biggest pessimist I knew. We would share stories of our misery, laugh about it, and go back to our miserable lives. This time when I saw him he was different.

My brother, the lifelong pessimist was happy! I thought surely he had to be on drugs. This man is never happy. He told me this was the first time in his life that he was truly happy. He asked me if I knew about “The Secret”. I asked “What secret?” and he took me to the movie on youtube. Surprisingly, I noticed the seal right away. I replied “Hey! I think I have this book. I bought it about five years ago through a book club but never got around to reading it” I watched the video and was still in disbelief. However, I couldn’t shake the fact that my brother was actually happy (or on drugs lol).

I didn’t jump immediately. I didn’t believe right away. I tested the method in a way that I would know it worked. I wanted a big case. I asked specifically for what I wanted in detail. I didn’t worry about it because I had nothing to lose by asking for it. I read the book after watching the video and then checked out The Secret on CD and listened to it my car for a week straight. About a month later, the big case came in. I was able to use that money to catch up on all my late bills. I created a journal where I would ask for what I wanted and write it down when I received them.
我没有立刻跳起来,没有立刻相信。我用了一个可以测试它有没有效的方法。我想要张大支票。我很详细的要求了我想要的。我并不担心这个,因为要求这个对我来说也没有任何损失。在看完视频之后我读了这本书并且在CD上打开了秘密,在车上一直听了一个星期。大概1个月之后,支票来了。我可以用这笔钱处理所有后面来的账单。我开始了日记,当我想要什么东西的时候记下来, 后来得到的时候也记录下来。

Two months in, this was fun! I began daily meditations and the good days started to outweigh the bad days. My firm started growing rapidly and I was getting a reputation for being to go-to lawyer! I kept working hard and pretty soon, I was having to turn away business. I keep the book of The Secret on a table in my office and shared the good news with my clients when they asked about the book. One client even stated that he believed in the law of attraction and The Secret had led him to my office!
两个月之后,就变得很有趣。我开始每天冥想,好的时候开始多过不好受的时候了。我的事务所开始迅速发展起来,我得到了律霸(go-to lawyer)?的好名声。我保持努力工作,很快生意应接不暇了。我在我办公室的桌子上放了这本书并且我的客户问我的时候我会分享好的消息。一个客户甚至表示他相信吸引力法则并且是吸引力把他指引到了我的办公室。

After about six months, I wasn’t having any bad days at all. Sure there were points on some days were something unfavorable might happen but it didn’t spoil my whole day. I have had the opportunity to meet professional athletes, travel (including an all expense paid trip to Washington DC), appear as legal analyst on a radio show, etc. The sky really is the limit. I am so grateful!
大概6个月之后,我就一点都没有不好受的时候了。当然有些时候是会有一些不那么愉快的事情发生,但是它不会毁了我的一整天。我有机会去见专业运动员,旅游(全部费用被支付去华盛顿),作为法律分析员在广播节目里出现 等等。有着无限的可能,我太感恩了。

People who knew me before The Secret are asking me the same question I asked my brother “Are you on drugs?” No drugs, no alcohol, just pure bliss knowing that I control my own life. I feel like Dorothy on the Wizard of Oz when Glenda told her to click her heels three times! I wish I had The Secret much sooner but I am so glad that I have it now! And by the way, my once failing relationship is better now that when it first began! Loving my life!
在《秘密》之前就认识我的人问我是不是吸毒了,跟我见到我弟弟的时候一样。没有毒品,没有酒精,只是纯粹的快乐,知道自己可以掌控人生。我就像。。。。。。。我真想早点拥有“秘密”,但是现在有了它我也很高兴。顺便说一下我跟男朋友的关系也好多了when it first began?。爱我的生活!
还是有好些不太会翻译的  hoho
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 楼主| 发表于 2017-4-7 09:49:30 | 显示全部楼层

Lottery Win.

I got divorced in 2009. I was in debt taking care of my daughter and had only a low paid job. Two years later I was introduced to The Secret and since then everything changed.

I wrote on my vision board the exact salary I was going to be earning and I ended up getting it. I was always joking with my friends and a family telling them I was a millionaire and that I have millions in my bank account. They would tell me that I was going crazy but I knew it was going to happen for me. I also wanted to show them that when you believe, you achieve.

Guess what?! I actually won a lottery! On the day of the draw I was sure they would call me or email me telling me I won. I actually wrote a formal letter informing me of the win. When the day arrived I was sure I was going to win. Imagine the shock and the surprise on my family and boyfriend’s faces when they heard about it.

Thank you Universe, it really, really, really works. Just keep the faith. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!
谢谢宇宙,它真的真的真的有用。保持相信。谢谢 。。。
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 楼主| 发表于 2017-4-9 12:13:06 | 显示全部楼层
本帖最后由 lovingbai 于 2017-4-9 14:39 编辑

Never Give Up!

I have known about The Secret since 2006 when I first watched the movie. I immediately told all my closest family and friends about it and decided that this way of

thinking fit best into my life. I have always been a positive, uplifting person but in the years before I watched the video I suffered through a lot of trauma. Bad

relationships, a divorce, a business loss, job loss and money issues. I felt like I was on a hamster wheel and felt helpless on getting off.


After going through the ups and downs of the last 6 years I decided enough was enough. I decided to revisit The Secret and absorb all the other books and DVD’s that

Rhonda Byrne wrote, and other authors as well. I completely worked on my mind and I started to dream again about all the possibilities that I knew existed for me. I

would play her DVD’s all the time and write and journal every day. I would give gratitude and tears of joy for where I was at in that moment, even though it was light

years from where I wanted to be. Slowly things started changing.
在经历了前面六年里的起起落落的后,我决定都让它过去,够了。我决定重新造访《秘密》,汲取所有其他Rhonda Byrn写的书籍以及DVD,还有其他作者的。我在脑海里努力,并且开始想象


I finally got my BS done in college after putting my intention of earning my degree by Dec. of 2013 which I did. I made more money topping 6 figures in 2012 and then

again in 2013 to have two of the most successful years of my life financially.

My son was going through issues mentally and I was lost for years on how to help him with his behavioral issues. Around a year ago in 2013, I decided enough is enough

and instead of being a victim I got strong mentally and made changes on how I dealt with him and his father, who was blaming me for our son’s behavior.

Slowly my son and his dad started changing and today my son has been on the honor roll all year. He went from missing tons of school to getting awards for no absences.

My X and I get along better than we ever have.


I wrote down intentions for two things for 2014; a career I could expand my talents in by December 2014 and a soul mate to spend my life with by July 2015.

Last fall I met an amazing man and we just planned our July 2015 wedding.

I was approached by a company to start a division for them in December of 2014.

I also wrote an intention for my house to sell in January of 2015 and it did!

The amazing thing about the law of attraction is that it is always working whether you believe in it or not. I have tested it so many times and every time it has come

true for me. Good or bad. I choose now to always be grateful for the good and every day I give praise to the Universe for all the amazing things it has blessed me

with. Always focus on the good, get your mind right and I promise, you too will experience nothing but a beautiful flow direct from the Universe.


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